That’s all we do.

We are a documentary production house, creating editorial style content for the web.

It’s a simple principle really, but it has far reaching applications for your business. Documentary-style content is fast becoming a staple for brands wanting to stand out from the crowd and offer an alternative way of encouraging engagement with their products and services.

Commissioning video can be daunting at first, so we offer a one stop shop, guiding you through the entire process from initial idea, through development to the final, high quality product. What’s more, our kit room is stacked with the right tools for making top web content to really engage your customers, plus we’ve even got a drone licence at our disposal.

We offer a range of services, from one off films for a specific purpose, to entire social media campaigns (such as this one for GO Wales) & web-series. Here are a few examples of how you can use branded content in your business:

  • PR

  • Events coverage

  • Branded Content

  • Tutorials & Explainers

When you're ready to reach out, we'll give you a tailored quote, specific to your requirements, and we'll stick to it. No surprises. Click here to get one for your business.


The techy bit

Although our equipment has been cherry picked to create beautiful videos for the web, the output quality is still top notch. We can handle full HD (1080p) at up to 120 frames per second for those slow-mo shots, as well as super high definition 4K. Our kit is curated to provide maximum quality, but with short set up times so we can get the shoot done fast, with minimal disruption to your workplace, we don't even need power sockets so there'll be no trailing wires to trip over!