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Video will soon make up 90% of internet traffic according to Robert Kyncl, YouTube’s Vice President of Global Content.

That figure might seem to be a little daunting for a smaller business, I mean, where do you even start when it comes to competing with Hollywood budget tv ads? Thankfully in today's world of technology, video content has never before been so accessible for smaller businesses. 

High quality video is now available to everyone - everywhere. More importantly for a business, video is accessible to view everywhere, anytime, thanks to mobile devices becoming the leading way to view video online. 

Tell your brand's story. 

Video is a great way to share your brand's story and your key messages to customers in an engaging way. Face to face selling is one of the hardest things to replace online, that's where branded content comes in. Video is the perfect way to add your businesses personality to your online shop front, it gives you the chance to welcome the customer to your brand. 

Make something memorable.

80% of people remember video ads they see online, in our opinion, making an ad that doesn't seem like you're being advertised to make the best video adverts. Using a story to sell a product creates a much more interesting piece of film and is more likely to be shared and engaged with by customers. The online world is a busy place, by making a video that people want to watch, you'll make a video that people want to share. 

Reach your entire target market. 

Traditionally, you needed separate marketing campaigns to target different demographics. With video, this is no longer the case. Everyone loves video. Whether it be young or old, anyone can watch a video and get a good understanding from it. When done right, a video should appeal to all which means if your target market changes, the video can remain a key piece of your marketing. 

Create a more personal experience. 

The best way to make people passionate about your brand, is to share your passion with them. This can often be lost in text and status updates, so to convey your passion online, there's no better way than through video.  

Educate customers on various topics.

No one wants to feel that they're being sold to 100% of the time, sharing videos about your business, where your products come from or what goes into your service offer the customer an insight into what they're buying into. People are interested in the people they're buying from, this is why blog posts are so successful for small businesses. Video works in the same way. You can be come well known and respected your industry just by educating customers, whether it be how-to videos or sharing how the product is made, it all adds value to the service or product you provide. 

Build a brand that people love.

People like to know who they're buying from. By creating a brand that shows the people involved with it, you become more reputable, likeable and trustworthy to the customer. Once you gain the customers trust, it becomes easier to sell to them. 

Video can offer you all of this, building a brand that people love and trust will not only increase sales with existing customers, but is more likely to be shared across platforms to reach new customers and help your business grow. 

If you want to find out more about how we can help you create strong branded video content, get in touch, we can make something beautiful together.