About Us.

We are Ben and Sam, two individuals brought together by a passion for visual story telling. We love nothing more than listening to people who are passionate about what they do and sharing their stories with the world. We believe that every story, no matter how small, is important and interesting and deserves to be told. 

We pride ourselves in making high quality films that represent you in a thought provoking and perspective changing way. We want to work with you, so if you want to work with us to tell your story, documentary or commercial, get in touch, we can get creative together!

 ben@74PRODuctions.com  +44(0)7858 485 327

ben@74PRODuctions.com +44(0)7858 485 327

Ben Blyth

Creative Director

Ben takes care of the creative side of things, coming up with ideas, aesthetics and branding. On set Ben has responsibility for making sure the final piece looks how the client envisions and works to tell their story. 

 sam@74productions.com  +44(0)7944678218

sam@74productions.com +44(0)7944678218

Sam Padget


Aside from drinking coffee, Sam makes sure that stuff gets done; organising shoots and keeping things ticking over. On set, he's in charge of the camera and making sure everything looks it's best.